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Markets don't exist in a vaccuum

Yeah, yeah, I understand about how markets work, but how do you get buyers and sellers at this level? It is all part of the "problem" imho. Part of the dumbing down of us.

Not to dwell on the past, but perhaps sections here on the DP devoted to celebrities, entertaining videos, fashion, and so forth would've gone a long way toward paying bills. These are the compromises that must be made, I suppose.

Yeah, but wouldn't that defeat the whole point? I kind of think it would. Maybe I'm wrong.

Maybe there is a place for that. Maybe I'm too worried about the impact that the "stinky shit" will have on the "world." Maybe I'm not a good libertarian that way. Maybe I shouldn't worry about that and just make it all about me.

Me! Me! Me! What ever I need to do to make money, even if that means putting pictures of porn on the Daily Paul!

How about that? Would that be better?

He's the man.