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Who came at who, first?

The cops rolled up on him with their guns drawn. The simple fact is the police just killed a guy when it was unnecessary to do so.

It doesn't matter what YOU, a citizen, would do in a self-defense situation where you are under assault from an attacker!

The cops are paid, and supposed to be trained to respond to these types of situations without having to immediately shoot at every suspect that doesn't obey their initial commands.

It's that type of police response that are creating the Frankenstein's Monsters in the first place. Notice he wasn't a threat to anyone else, but he specifically wanted to confront police, with the intention of showing them as the cold-hearted killer enforcers they are.

Just because a mentally ill wants to commit suicide-by-cop, or demonstrate to the world that we are indeed living in a military police-state, doesn't mean the police should oblige him. That's not a just, moral, or sane policy.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?