Comment: Here's the reality of this

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Here's the reality of this

Here's the reality of this situation, in any other 1st world country this man would have lived.

In Japan, the cops would have calmed the situation down and if it escalated they would have subdued him. The cops in Japan are trained in judo and could have easily taken him down. If not, they would beat him down with a retractable baton.

Even in most 3rd world countries they wouldn't kill a man for this. In SE Asia they would have beat him down if he seemed threatening.

The cops in the US are scared little men behind badges and guns. They take the job not to serve and protect, but to abuse authority.

You have to admit, cops in the US are wimps. They're afraid of confrontation and would rather shoot someone instead of trying to solve the issue verbally or physically.

They are not dissimilar to American teachers. American teachers use Ritalin as their weapon of choice because they're lazy and incompetent, cops use guns in the same manner.

The US is a scary place now....