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The simple fact is the police

The simple fact is the police just killed a guy when it was unnecessary to do so.

Bullshit. If you approach me with a knife yelling and such and continue toward me after i tell you to back the fuck off. You are going to die.

It doesn't matter what YOU, a citizen, would do in a self-defense situation where you are under assault from an attacker!

Bullshit, self defense is self defense. You don't lose rights when becoming a cop.

The cops are paid, and supposed to be trained to respond to these types of situations without having to immediately shoot at every suspect that doesn't obey their initial commands.

They are, it's called force on force training. When presented with a deadly weapon, deadly force is authorized.

Your post is almost entirely hyperbole. Facts are facts, your feelings are irrelevant. Self defense is a human right, you don't lose that right when you become a cop. You are too beholden to your own dislike of police to comment objectively.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty."

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