Comment: Police aren't paid to "keep the peace"

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Police aren't paid to "keep the peace"

That's a big of a myth as "shooting to wound". Police are paid to execute the laws of the state, and nothing more. Your assertion that cops lose rights simply because they are employed by the state affirms the idea that our rights are granted by government. That is not only bullshit, it's dangerous bullshit.

Cops, on the other hand, are paid, and supposed to be trained, to handle all types of situations, including like this one, without having to use deadly force against every suspect who doesn't comply with their orders or even *gasp* "come at" them..

It's clear you've never taken a force on force class.
Which states pretty obviously that deadly weapons / force may be met with deadly force. And yes, it was deadly force watch the video i linked.

Even Missouri statute states this under chapter 563 defense of justification. I know, i live in Missouri, not 10 minutes from Ferguson, have a ccw, and have taken force on force training.

He had just committed armed robbery. I guess in your world he should have just been let go. Why don't we just allow all thieves who violate the rights of private property owners to go free. I mean "think of the children". Your appeal to emotion fallacies don't work when confronted with logic.

He was a Frankenstein's Monster that the military police tactics created.

More hyperbole i see. You probably don't live here, so i'll blame your ignorance on the shitty reporting that has been done. I have friend who owns a bar on Chambers. If you don't know that's about half a block from where the riots and looting have taken place. They were forced to sit armed inside the bar after boarding it up for fear for not only their business but their lives. The looting is a result of opportunity, and not police reaction.

Local news, local cops, and i personally have seen people in the crowd that have been the major cause for the molotovs, brick throwing and gun fire. Multiple out of state vehicles were seen in parking lots among the rioters. These are the same people who were at the G20 riots and in other places. They are agent provocateurs.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty."

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