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Look at how the media has played this

this is why media outlets went into damage-control mode when the convenience store video was released (against the advice of feds) because the new image of a "violent thief" didn't fit into their reality tv show script. CNN first edited out the incriminating part of the video, then for 2+ days plausibly denied that it was him in the video, and then ran stories like "well, it doesn't matter even if it is him." it does matter because it demonstrates violence and a motive for what might have transpired 10 minutes later. so does anyone believe this is acceptable behavior from the media while riots and looting are happening in the street? no. but they write the narrative, which creates a self-fulfilling prophecy. they even interview people and re-broadcast those who have best regurgitated the media talking points. if you want to be on the evening news, just parrot everything you hear during the interview, and they will plaster you on the national airwaves. step right up to the boon pole, folks. get your 15 minutes of fame while contributing to your grandchildren's slavery.