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Do you need some help with something?

You are old enough to know better.
Your behavior is very disrespectful and inappropriate.

You have the privilege of being able to communicate with some of the most knowing people in the world by being a member of this community.

You can do something great with your life. Why don't you take positive advantage of it?

I believe you owe Mr. Nystrom, and others here, major apologies.
If you wish to stay, please change your actions and behaviors.

You may not realize the importance of what we have here and what you are jeopardizing for everyone. You may not be ready to give up your reckless abandon. If that is the case, I invite you to go back and play with people your own age and maybe come back in 2-5 years when you are more mature.

If you want/need love, caring, and are in the right place. But your games and ill-will/words are not tolerable.

If you and your friends aren't comfortable here, please leave on your own accord.

I have done my best to be gentle with you and age-appropriate. I sincerely hope you comprehend and choose wisely. Please get in-tune like you would with nature.

Thank you.