Comment: I always look at both sides

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I always look at both sides

I always look at both sides before I respond to things like this, there are many cases where police were wrong, there are also many cases where they were justified, you need to approach these types of issues with an open mind and not bias.

Some of the comments here show true bias against police rather then facts of what actually happened. It is easy to be an internet tough guy that would have disabled him with judo or they should have shot him in the leg or fired a warning shot, REALLY? The warning was drop the damn weapon, end of story. The problem I have is the story they told, the report has many things wrong with it and they should have to answer for that without exception.

Personally, I would have shot him without exception and I would not have fired a warning shot, my warning would have been drop the knife, nothing more, once he kept approaching I would have dropped him; however, I would have stopped firing once he hit the ground but he most likely would have been dead before he hit the ground. Everyone has a right to defend themselves, including police.

When a person threatens your life, I don't want to hear this bullshit of hey lets sit down and have a discussion and talk them down, screw that, the discussion was over once you pulled a weapon on me and continued to approach me in an aggressive manner with said weapon.