Comment: to directly address some of the comments below...

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to directly address some of the comments below...

okay, okay, check this out y'all: all your criticisms can be addressed with the following, including...if you actually click on the crimson-ed links, which kinda 'explains' the alluded topical context.

oh, and all the following verbosity below the ye ol "**********..."??

Is literally word for word, what was already posted in the thread. Has reading become too 21st century for the YouTube-era? Oy veh, call me a selective neo-Luddite! LOL. Ya adorable silly silly DP cats! xD

Okie doke, once more, with feeling now:


Not just black, but EVERY American community should must do this; our very survival may depend on it! Something I've been expecting for some time: bravo brothas, bravo! But of course, the rabidly hoplophobic leftists will still call it "racist":

So... okay, teaming up with the NEW Black Panthers (?? the articles only refer to them as "Black Panthers" which I'd assume is the NEW, 'cause any semblance of the O.G. Black Panthers went the way of the DoDo, a long time ago), should always raise a RED FLAG, as they're known to be Fed COINTELPRO, that said... aside from the ye ol 1960's socially engineered "Black Liberation Theology"-invoke-y "Black Power!" & 'militant'-collectivist chant nonsense, suppose they're off to an okay start.

Hey, whatever floats their boat; as long as they respect ANY soul from any self-identified voluntary group to be able to freely organize, to do the same, and not vilify or seek to trample other open-carry groups, or citizen patrols or militia, we cool.

Had to be Texas, baby! They even rightfully deployed the apt term/phrase: "police terrorism!" Though the ever anti-statist AnCap in me compels me to label it all for what it really is: "Govt Terrorism/Govt Terrorist"... a term/phrase that I've been trying to make viral for the longest! xD

Anyway, hope it's not COINTEL, but a genuine organic grassroots group!

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul