Comment: Your passion for this thread is amazing!

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Your passion for this thread is amazing!

That being said; 3 silly downvotes? I saw a thread once get 3 downvotes that I did not think it deserved, but I was told to focus on the 173 up votes it did have instead, so let’s focus on the almost 200 upvotes on this! Threads don’t get that kind of attention these days, back in the day it was one thing to see a thread with a couple hundred upvotes, but now a days things move a little slower around here.

As far as whether it should be done by now….Well, Michael gave it 19 days and we are more than half way there. It is hard to say really if it should be done by now or not. Ppl like me only get paid every 2 weeks so I had to wait until this past Monday to send some money by mail because I also do very little with money electronically. I also live pay check to pay check as is and had to ask my boss for a little extra side work to earn some money to send in. I had to wait for him to find that extra work. Others might be in similar situations.

I think 83% (probably more soon with an update) with 10 days to go is pretty smooth sailing. Like I said, some ppl might just be getting around to sending money now because they did not just have the money sitting there, and I’m sure Michael understands that.

As far as banning ppl who disagree or downvote or are rude, depending on the extent of the behavior that can be more of a headache than letting them slip away into the abyss, again depending on the situation, banning ppl over downvotes wouldn’t be worth the headache at all imho.

That being said, I say, forget the downvoters, celebrate the upvotes. Don’t worry about how much money hasn’t come in; celebrate that with 10 days to go and ppl still sending money we are at 83%. Celebrate! It feels better.