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And screw the NSA, lets just

And screw the NSA, lets just assume they know who we are! With or without an account or real names up front! They scan my mail I’m sure, like every other world citizen. They can access my webcams and microphones on mobiles anywhere near me. Read my documents, my families most intimate pictures and memories. Screw that, I don’t hide any longer. They can hide, for one day, my hope...: The BIG whistle will be blown and we will have unlimited access to the entire database. All the good people around the world. just 24 hours, we would have this battleship turned upside down, just one day!

Short story from my daily day, today:

Donated to the current fundraiser. Wondered if I should post the confirmation code like I have seen so many others do. Who would benefit? Was it just for the NSA? Then I realized, I had just gotten a confirmation mail from PayPal. The code was in the Mail, I use Gmail, they already have it!

EDIT: Reminder: write an apology to the NSA, I’m really the good guy and have been for many years. Etc. No need to come kick my door in, I will answer if they ring the bell. Etc. Or we can keep it to mail if they prefer. Was just joking about the whole battleship upside down thing. People could misunderstand. I should take more care when writing!

Thank you