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Comment: The control factor

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The control factor

Fear is what keeps everyone from rebelling the oppression. It is the only real weapon the controllers have over us. They actually fear us much more than we fear them. As John Nelson once stated "war is not about killing but frighting people in to submission". The police and government gun toting agents are so afraid they have to put on armour and get bigger and bigger guns and tanks because of their fear.
Sooooo! The_Gunslinger. You should be ashamed frightening those poor ignorant agents of government. They are "just following orders". This however is no defence for acting immoral and illegal. If the commander orders them to kill innocent people they are not absolved and will pay a dear price for their immorality. Everyone everywhere has a moral and lawful obligation to act morally at all times.
We all are here only because God allows us to be here. If we graduate to the next life because of some mindless agent "just following orders" it is because God allows it. No fear of death if you are prepared everyday to make it your last day. Plan however to be here for a hundred years.

But please stop frightening those government agents and please please stop being afraid.
Matthew 19:29