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Wait Dale, you aren't parroting the 'party line'! Don't you

know if you are on the DP, you have to always hate and side against the cops? They can NEVER ever do anything right!

I am going to say this the kindest way I know how to-- A lot of DPers are HYPOCRITES! They will say, why does America always have to kill the brown-skinned people? Brown-skinned people are people too. Brown-skinned people shouldn't be our enemy just because they are born and raised with a different ideology. Yet, fill in 'cops' instead of 'brown-skinned people', and many here think it's perfectly acceptable.

Yes, there are bad cops. And yes, there are bad brown-skinned people. But, that doesn't excuse hating every single one of them and treating the entire group as our enemy!

These young black men that have been killed are at the very least, thieves. This means they have very little respect for their fellow man. They were raised in terrible homes, not because of cops, but because their parents were too selfish to get married and stay married, too busy to love and devote time to their children, and too lazy to work hard and instill a good work ethic in them. So, now, when cops shoot them, why does everyone blame the cops? I blame bad parenting.

Christians should not be warmongers!