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That's what you do if you are

That's what you do if you are like them, and have no respect for freedom.

By the laws of nature, you only have a right to enact violence on another if it is in direct self-defense against violence against you. So far IS has stayed in Iraq and Syria. That is not our land, we have no interest in it, no rights over it, and no rights over its peoples. As for Foley, I hate what they did to him (If they did it at all, you'll notice that as soon as the neck cutting starts, before any blood comes out the screen cuts to black, the beheading is removed, and then it cuts to a still o the dead body. It could be fake. Who would want to fake it or why was it done? Who knows.), but he was in a foreign land. Additionally, he allowed himself to be captured after already being captured in Libya several years ago. Personally, if I were in that situation I would expect to be beheaded as a hostage, and never allow myself to be taken. Point is, we don't have any rights to retaliate just because they allegedly killed him. If IS wants to come over here and fight us, then we'd have a reason to fight them, or if they were a state, and declared war on us, then we'd have the right to fight them. But a terrorist group threatening us openly is not an excuse to go over there and start military action.

The only LEGAL way we'd have a right to "take ISIS out" is if Iraq or Syria's governments asked us to help fight them in their countries, ,. but personally, I would point out how getting rid of government entirely would do more to discourage terrorism against us than any other potential action.