Comment: ditto, though I'd caveat it with the historical reality that for

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ditto, though I'd caveat it with the historical reality that for

every MLK, there was always an Malcolm-X.

true, the moral high ground 'example to aspire to' must exist, but concurrently, human beings being what they are, inevitably, almost like a self-directed yin & yang of the universe, a counter prevailing force almost naturally rises/emerges.

while it is true, that of course, more calm, less confrontational, and/or what would appear to be more sensible always seem like it'd be the more preferred method of spreading new ideas. but sometimes, shock value has its place, in awakening those who never thought 'what's possible.' Ie. strolling with AR15 in Main St. AnyTown USA: if one cannot do that, principally speaking one can't stroll rural roads with one, either.

as such, even with the whole Civil Rights Movement, my guess is, Dr. MLK knew to accept this dynamic; he basically warned the PTB: either deal with me, or deal with 'them' (the Malcolm-X's & the Black Panthers, etc; but he could only assert that, because visible counter forces existed already for him to be able to point out to the PTB, as if to say: it's gonna happen anyway, but these are your options). plus, it's a myth that because it was predominantly 'non-violent' unarmed movement, it 'worked:' Inconvenient Truth about the Civil Rights Movement: They were ARMED! So said on NPR - June 5, 2014!
June 16, 2014

I've actually debated Rob Pincus online about the various virtues and tactics of open carry, vs concealed carry. While he's NOT for any laws restricting it, strictly from tactical perspective, he sees it as a bad idea. To that end, I do agree, as for anyone who's ever taken any tactical courses, in non-battlefield arena, there is no doubt: element of surprise is almost ALWAYS 100% more tactically smarter than openly displaying, as to a truly determined mind, it won't matter much, if they too are armed.

That said, I tried to convey the same political reality sentiment to Pincus: you don't get one, without 'the other.'

Without 'shock' political activists toiling away for years being criticized by the mainline NRA-FUDD-ilk, the open-carry visibility wouldn't be what it is, today.

I liken it to Dr. Paul: without him, it'd have been a quite awhile, before any non-interventionist Republicans... to sorta 'come out' and be assertively anti-war.

without the often 'uneasy' 'controversial' among humanity, nothing moves forward. besides, observing history, whether people like it or not, there will always be the trapezoid peg who'd forever refuse to be slotted into a square hole, so I'd say, c'est la vie: I welcome them all from afar (preferably! LOL!), to close, from the calm to the 'crazies' xD

Cause nobody NOT-'crazy' did anything original ,o)

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul