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Comment: Thanks for sharing that.

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Thanks for sharing that.

Forgiveness is I think such an important topic and the only way to achieve peace of mind..I think you might appreciate these words taken from the video linked at the bottom of this post:

Conscience vs Pride

What is the meaning of life?
I think it is the fact that we have a conscience,which is our inner sense of right and wrong,good and evil,better or worse,fair or unfair and just or unjust.We know our conscience is real,whether we believe in God or not.Some people call conscience the law of human nature.But there are other parts of our nature that are in conflict with our conscience.A few examples would be greed,hatred,selfishness and jealously .It seems these examples are all related to the main culprit that conflicts with our conscience. It is called pride, which is described as an inflated sense of self-importance or self-righteousness.

Pride is what makes us reluctant to admit it when we are are wrong as well as cause hatred,jealousy,lust for revenge,lust for money and lust for power.Pride is what makes us unwilling to forgive or show mercy to others.Pride is what makes us think of excuses to try to justify something we know is wrong.Pride might even cause you to dislike this message.LOL

Pride can cause us to dislike people we don't even know who live thousands of miles away.This is because we might feel proud of a certain "group" we think we belong to.This "group "may be one that is based on race,religious denomination,a political party or some other chosen belief system that prevents one from questioning things and seeking truth.Pride has enabled people in positions of power to convince others to willingly commit horrible acts of violence throughout history.

Some people have committed horrible acts of violence because they felt "shamed","dissed" or "disrespected".In other words,someone or something has offended their sense or feeling of pride.Maybe pride is the most destructive force to the human race and many people are not even aware that it exists.

But there is hope for us.Just simply being aware of pride can help us.We all have pride and every soul is a battlefield.One simple victory over pride can help us.Why not apologize to someone you have done wrong?.Why not forgive someone who has done you wrong?What do you have to lose?Your pride.

Are you angry with a friend or family member?Would you feel so angry with them if you were at their funeral?Probably not,as you would most likely feel great compassion for them.Why not give them compassion,mercy and forgiveness while they are still with us?

Have you ever heard of the golden rule?The golden rule says to treat others the way you would like to be treated.What if you tried to live your life by the golden rule and treated others with kindness,forgiveness and mercy.What if you admit and repent of your mistakes and the wrong things you have done ,said, and thought?What if you swallow your pride and let your conscience be your guide to truth and to what is right or wrong.In the end,do you actually think you would regret living this way?You decide.......

Hopefully,this message will help someone change their life for the better. Please share this message if you think it would be helpful to anyone.Thank You