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risk factors

I had an aunt and step-mother who had multiple sclerosis. I do not have much to add to the conversation except they both smoked, didn't eat much, both avoided vegetables, and drank large amounts of coffee. Only two people is anecdotal and not a study but I have always wondered about those similarities. I am not suggesting your daughter smokes or drinks coffee which may or may not increase one's risks. However, I looked up and found this one doctor's thoughts on risk factors.

Viral infections and animal fat, according to this doctor, increase the risk of getting MS. I remember my step-mother having setbacks with MS if she had the flu so maybe there is something to that in ways we don't understand. I'm not offering hope here but maybe trying to protect your daughter from exposure to viruses and avoiding animal fat are things that could be done to not aggravate the MS. My best wishes to you in your struggle.