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I'm no fan of

JSF. I read E. is Illuminated and felt totally used. It's one of *the* very few books I've thrown in the trash. Another was a book of lawyer jokes someone gave me, thinking I'd find it funny. I didn't. I screamed that all it did was bring back horrible memories and that it had ruined my day. I threw it out on the spot. But I didn't actually throw it into the garbage can. I just threw it to the back of the under-sink cabinet near the garbage and behind various cleaning products, including a bottle of Pine-Sol, a cheap disinfectant I use around the litter box - which I only now realize was a fitting place for the book to have sat, upside down and with a bent cover, exactly how it had landed... for years. Anyway, I did take it out a few years later, once the wounds were at least partially healed. Reading it cover to cover, I found each joke funnier than the last. Really, how I laughed, although none topped the one I already knew. Q: What's a lawyer at the bottom of the ocean? A: A good start. I just wanted you to know what fine company that other book was in, the book by the same author as the one who wrote the book that inspired the film that inspired your soundtrack. I watched a trailer. Looks like a good movie. I might have to watch it. :(

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir