Comment: I some times fear

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I some times fear

in some situations but every day I seem to come out more and more. Almost like a building process. I fly a lot and I never wanted to opt out because I was afraid to be the only one and every one would ridicule me. Well, recently I opted out and have done it ever since! I guess it takes time. Soon or a later, you are going to say F IT!

I use to be afraid to join conventions and become a Delegate. Ron Paul inspired me to do so.

I fear cops, but you really don't have to. Most cops really are aware of the Constitution and I got out of many tickets for having a Ron Paul bumper sticker. Also, showing them respect usually ends on good terms. Attitudes and tone of voice can change the whole scenario. That could happen with any body. Remember, cops are human to. This is all from my experience where I live locally and all. Cops can be real rough in cities.

I feared to call my Senator and Governor because I thought I would be labeled crazy or be on a list like you said, but I eventually said F it and I've been calling up Chris Christie's office ever since.

Their is a tipping point to every ones fear. Eventually that fear folds up and goes away but maybe might try to sneak back in every now and then, but fight it.