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Glad to have you here!

Like Michael, if you keep bees, I would like to hear some of your beekeeping stories. I kept bees for about 8 years. My bees absconded the hives during extremely heavy rains and flash-flooding about 5 years ago. I really enjoyed keeping bees. My potential retirement plans include keeping bees again. I still have all of my hives and equipment.

I'll share one of my stories.

When I received my bees through the mail, I was pretty green on what to do. I put on my beekeeping suit and went to install the bees in the hive. The bees came in a small box with screening covering it. There was a small round cover on top of the screened box. I loosened the small round cover and took it loose, before realizing that there was a small queen cage attached to it. The queen cage contained the queen and a few of her attendants. The queen cage fell down into the box with the bees. I tried unsuccessfully to get the small queen cage out of the bee container with my gloved right hand. Without the sense of feel, I was afraid that I would crush bees. I had sprayed sugar water on the bees, so they were very calm. Finally, I took the glove off of my right hand and reached down into the bees to retrieve the queen cage. When I pulled the queen cage out, my right hand looked like a bee glove. They were coating my hand. To be honest, I was thinking that I would shortly be in the emergency room. I slowly laid the bee cage down. I then held my bee-coated right hand over the round opening in the larger bee cage/box. I took my gloved index finger on my left hand and slowly began raking the bees back into the bee box. I continued raking until most of the bees were in the box. I couldn't believe that I didn't get stung once.