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Once again a video doesn't show everything

So what happened before this? We have a story and if it is to be believed then the guy was a thief. The cops were within their rights and within the law to approach him. He was due a trial by jury on the charges of theft. However, he chose to draw a knife and approach the cops. The cops, unlike many we've seen, didn't shoot him when he pulled the knife. They didn't even shoot him on his first approach which is remarkable (sadly) for cops today. It was on the second, closer approach, that they opened fire.

Of course you could alway advocate for some form of vigilanty justice where the store owner runs out and either beats the guy with a bat or just shoots him for theft without trial. I'm sure that will suit your "all cop actions are bad" attitude.

The sad thing is that humans are not in any shape or form perfect. I've read enough to know that the lynch mobs of old did not do a damned thing to help us. The police weren't always this bad (in most cases) and can be moved back into the enforcers of law they used to be. You may think that removing the police from the equation is the most desireable move but I can come up with so many scenarios where that will fail harder than the police have. The solution is to move the cops back to being the peace keepers they used to be otherwise you either have vigilanty justice (guilty even if proven innocent) or brute private security and both would be worse than the current police system.