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Use very little of that stuff

Hi, AR -

YMMV, of course, but you might consider something
along these lines - maybe you don't need as much of
the stuff you listed (in supplement form, anyway) as you think.

Have been cooking more recently v. eating out -

Buying, say, a good quality spaghetti sauce (kind of spendy)
tomato sauce (cheap) throwing in lots of veggies from garden
and farmers market (cheap) - nearly always with a small amount of
bacon and nearly also shiitake mushrooms - make a *big*
batch of spaghetti sauce and eat it for a couple days.

Do a similar thing with curry.

For with either of the above - use either brown rice (with a little
of my homegrown wheat mixed in), whole grain pasta or just
sliced up boiled (local) potatoes or sometimes don't even bother
as the curry has wheat in it anyway and with all the veggies
it's sort of a stew-like consistency already.

Long and short of it, I've got some pretty high end multivitamins
that have been sitting in the refrigerator for months (Solgar brand)
because I just don't feel like I need them.

Would recommend mushroom supplements (and eating lots of shiitake)
and cucurmin (active ingredient in turmeric). Cucurmin supplements are
pretty reasonable, I've heard. I haven't really checked because I can get
locally produced ground (powdered) turmeric and have just been using that -
you can steep it in hot water and drink it as a tea - I usually just mix it in
yogurt with some fruit at breakfast time. Probably the supplements are
more convenient, but whatever...

Medicinal/probiotic mushrooms can have a huge range of benefits and
AFAIK the leading company producing them is Fungi Perfecti, from
Washington State. Their stuff is not cheap, but pretty reasonable for the
quality and the benefits:

Note that they have pet products, too. Which are dramatically cheaper than
the approved for human consumption supplements. While (of course) I couldn't
*recommend* you consuming them yourself (unless you are non-human) I *could*
tell you that I know of people consuming them (specifically FP's "Mush" pet supplement)
on pretty much a daily basis with no apparent ill effects...

Turmeric/cucurmin benefits:

I see you had this other thread, also -

I'm guessing if you follow some of the tips there you won't really need much in the way of supplements.