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You need a bulb filled with

You need a bulb filled with warm water for gently clearing out the wax after you pour the hydrogen peroxide in and let it bubble for 5-10 minutes.. Find an ear wax removal kit at any Walgreen's or CVS and follow the instructions. Forget about using the gooey, sticky solution in most kits to loosen your earwax. Just use a capful of the straight hydrogen peroxide. I asked my doctor if it needed to be watered down before using it and they said "no".

Do NOT use Q-tips inside your ear canal. Ever! You'll end up pushing wax further in. Use the bulb full of warm water and your head tilted toward the sink after the hydrogen peroxide has done it's work. If you have a lot of impacted wax, you'll have to go through several rounds of cleaning with your ears. Be patient and do not squirt the water too forcefully into your ear either.

If you find all of this too much to handle, pay the money and have the cleaning performed by a nurse.