Comment: US/NATO Troops Suffer Huge

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US/NATO Troops Suffer Huge

US/NATO Troops Suffer Huge Defeat in E. Ukraine without even being there officially. Plenty of paid para-mils and Svoboda/Right Sektor extremes are there. To Ukraine's current government, 'sovereignty' touts more importance than the lives, dwellings, and well being, and the killing off or chasing off, of its Russian speaking people. Way to go USA, supporting such a travesty. Mission already accomplished. In addition to fracking the country, Merkel already got the half billion PRIVATE investment fund done, so just let the people live and rebuild. The financial takeover of indigenous Ukraine is already an accomplished fact. Kiev needs to accept the assumed, as opposed to native, people get to self determine their future, and their organized representation. Just stop killing them! And in the future, if they decide to kick the 'carpetbaggers' out, that's their choice. Nothing for indigenous brother to kill assumed brother over. Of course, the now extant government in Kiev will has lots to sway in the matter. For the peace loving common citizen, most beneficial solution is a sovereign split. May it soon occur.