Comment: Welfare Program Should Not Exist

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Welfare Program Should Not Exist

The Welfare program is not a necessary program for 90% of the recipients IMO.

1. Most of the people who receive welfare programs are not receiving them due to physical or mental disabilities which would prevent them from functioning in a positive manner benefiting society. There are millions on welfare who can sit and play computer games every day but claim they can't do computer work.

2. The welfare system has been bloating every year since our colonies imported British Poor Laws. We all know families or people who are on programs.

3. Even during the great depression there was government work camps which offered labor in exchange for stamps for food to workers. Work involved forestry and farming work. This kept a lot of families from starving, and offered a rewarding opportunity to those who were willing to do something other than sit on their booty.

4. I personally believe that the cost of testing welfare recipients would be more expensive than the money you would save. A study in Florida was conducted which supports this belief. But the study fell short because they didn't test every welfare program as well as housing programs.