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I would like to throw this

I would like to throw this out here, I do not hate cops. I happen to know quite a few in my area. Most are really good people that are genuinely trying to do the right thing. Some, on the other hand on are on a major power trip. As with anything, it is best to look at cops on an individual basis.

When I purchased my first handgun, I asked one of my cop buddies about our state laws regarding open carry, concealed carry etc. He was very informative. I then told him how I felt uncomfortable with the idea of taking a life, and if I were ever forced to draw my weapon I would try to shoot to wound and immobilize, not shoot to kill. I was told that was wrong, wrong, wrong. Unload your clip, he said. Dead men will not sue. It is your word against a ghost.

So police may not be trained to kill, but it seems there is a general consensus within the ranks of the department to do just that.

If you only seek to wound someone by shooting, you do not have justification to shoot at all. An attempt to shoot to wound all too often can end up in death. It does no good if a police officer says, 'I was just trying to wound and ended up killing somebody,' because that officer now faces criminal prosecution, not to mention a civil lawsuit. And the law will say the officer better be justified in using deadly force.