Comment: I like them all (well most)

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I like them all (well most)

I'm not a Ford or Dodge guy when it comes to a finely made firearm. I don't have a particular affinity for Glock but I love the guys that do as I get alot of return business from them buying my ammo.

My favorite pistol is my 1911 .45acp and I c.c. a Springfield XD 40sw. I also shoot a TON of 9mm with my CZ75.

I'm just about to pick up a HK dealership and will probably get a new VP9 9mm next. It's supposed to be the Cadillac of 9mm's, we shall see.

At the end of the day the most fun things to shoot are my HK416 and my custom Lauer Match AR15. I manufacture Vmax 55gr for these babies (and for sale too) and can punch the eyeball out of a gopher at 100yrds all day long. woot!