Comment: I hear you Smudge

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I hear you Smudge

Though not well received (considering the demographic, white males), I think Smudge's take on history is accurate. The things he said about "white" culture are true. What we consider "history" is the story of one culture dominating and assimilating humanity into one single culture, called civilization, known for its wonders such as technology and space travel as well as its horrors like war, genocide, and centralized government. This is a paranoid male-dominated system that almost completely alienated from humanity's biological connection to the world. See zoo's, grocery stores, or public schools for proof. The biggest problem is that we as a culture do not have any shamanic practices that keep a connection between us and the living world around us. So much so that we have forgot about it, but not everybody. I am confident that any cannabis users know exactly what I am talking about.

Skin color is an illusion, we are all human beings, aka individuals. One major difference is that we are a part of different cultures. What Smudge refers to as "white people" is another way of saying "dominator culture." Instead of seeing this problem as a race issue, I regard it as a cultural issue. The book Ishmael by Daniel Quinn explains this situation very creatively. I recommend it for the 'adventurers of the mind' out here.

The fact that I am white does not make me responsible for what other white people have done in the past. The same goes for everybody else. We all get to choose how we live, today. I embrace the animist outlook on life like all other native human cultures did and still do where allowed to exist. I'm practicing permaculture, herbalism, shamanism, and kind-heartedness, to the satisfaction of the landbase, my body, my mind, and my ancestors.

Another issue Smudge points out is ecological. We are destroying the land base that provides our water and food. I mean "we" as human individuals a part of this culture, either as employers or consumers of poor cultural practices. More accurately stated: we live in a cultural system that must destroy the land base in order to function. At some point there will be crisis and change, but it most likely wont be pretty, as Smudge alluded to. In my opinion, the folks practicing permaculture, sustainable farming, and experimenting with cultural values and practices have the right idea.