Comment: Media Party Ahead

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Media Party Ahead

This looks like a media frame-up to me. It is called guilt by association.

And Now - CBS News:

Anchor: We now have Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, presidential hopeful for 2016.

Anchor To Rand: Mr. Senator, what are your comments about your father's 2012 presidential campaign and it's possible bribery involvement by Jesse Benton, who is your former Kentucky campaign manager and father of your niece?

Rand: No Comment.

Anchor: Did you have any knowledge about Mr. Benton's involvement in the Iowa bribery scandal?

Rand: No. I switched to the Romney campaign.

Anchor: Isn't it true that the other Senator in Kentucky, Mitch McConnell, is now using the implicated Jesse Benton as his current campaign manager?

Rand: Yes.

Anchor: Well, our time is up. Thank you Senator Paul for joining us for this informative discussion.

Gene Louis
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