Comment: I See Two Aspects of This, that should not be combined.

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I See Two Aspects of This, that should not be combined.

The first one is the overall scope and impact of using this type of technology: individual privacy, power, and control. This point should not be confused with any individual attempt or implementation, or the main point may be lost.

The second one is the details, caveats, concerns and arguments of the specific implementation. Nearly any critical thinker can come up with potential counter examples to a solution, yet any individual concern does not invalidate the entire solution. That's throwing the baby out with the bath water. Also, any individual concern can be met with a solution to either prevent or minimize the likelihood of a problem.

That being said, from my view, some of the biggest promises of this video look a like over-statements to me. I'm guessing some of the claims are a bit over simplified and come across promising too much.

However, this type of system has got to be the way of the future for private communications (in my view). Also, this type of technology will probably render any political views and government actions against privacy irrelevant.

Ultimately, data privacy cannot be controlled. The right tools are coming.