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Last Explanation....

I've said this 3 times all over this thread, this will likely be my last response - in case i'm just getting Trolled because you are inaccurately representing what I said -- some people call that a "Straw Man Argument". If you're doing it on purpose, you're trolling me. If you're doing it unintentionally, then you're a sloppy commenter who didn't read through my words carefully enough.

How do i know the driver didn't get drunk and decide to become a murderer ? I don't.

Am I excusing the driver? NO. I'm saying he doesn't deserve to be Revenge Murdered, and Revenge has no place in Ron Paul's vision of a Liberty-Loving society.

Alcohol doesn't excuse negligent manslaughter.
Sadness/Rage (i.e. "temporary insanity) doesn't excuse premeditated murder.

Whatever the facts of the case are -- for the last time -- are irrelevant now that this discussion is about PRINCIPLE.

Where do I get my logic from? From a well-developed ability to Reason.

Your example of breaking into my home isn't negligence, it's Breaking & Entering.
You might want to reexamine where you get YOUR logic from.

I was clear in my previous comments that you didn't read through fully - and I was even more clear here with you. So now I'm laying these Straw Men to rest.


"If you always lean on your master, you will never be able to proceed without him." - Jefferson to his daughter Martha. March 1787