Comment: May I recommend a good preacher and church?

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May I recommend a good preacher and church?

Chuck Baldwin has led many down the path of truth, as it pertains to what is really going on in our government. And that path of truth begins, and ends, at the foot of the Cross that Jesus died on.

You can watch our service every Sunday, streamed live, at

I suggest that you also check out Chuck's video archive, found here:

The majority of America's pastors have abandoned truth to preach a seeker-friendly message. Chuck leads the fight to wake those pastors up, but more importantly, to wake up the people sitting in the pews to GET OUT of those churches and find a non-501(c)3, liberty-minded church to attend. You can find a pastor who agrees with many of the things Chuck preaches, here:

God bless you in your journey, and I pray that he'll restore the relationship with your wife.

Restore the Foundations - "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?"