Comment: The cop SHOULD NOT face criminal charges.

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The cop SHOULD NOT face criminal charges.

I'm serious. No one should face criminal charges for negligent homicide. Forcing taxpayers to pay for imprisoning someone doesn't remedy the damage he has done, and imprisoning him doesn't make the public any safer -- just poorer.

The PROPER remedy is a civil lawsuit to recover actual and punitive damages -- from the cop personally. The stupid California law does exempt cops, allowing them to use electronic devices in the car; it does not exempt cops from civil suits for damages caused by their negligence. I'd like to see EVERYONE treated the same way: exempt from criminal charges for accidental damage, but fully responsible for civil damages and possible punitive damages for gross negligence.

The "criminal justice" system is a disaster. The prisons are full of people who are no threat to anyone. If there's no victim, there should be no crime -- and if there IS a victim, the primary concern of the legal system SHOULD be compensation for the victim or his heirs -- not enriching the prison-industrial complex. Let the cop stay free - and make restitution payments to the family of his victim.

On the other hand, I do have some sympathy for the "shoot him on the spot" viewpoint. :)

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