Comment: Wow so many levels here

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Wow so many levels here

so many ways to answer...

the reason for the racism is to try to get you (justa dude born long after the sins of your fathers) is to try to help you understand some of the static you will get. In short words, and this example is global, every time you find a nation or a culture or a society DEVASTATED by another, we all end up totally screwed up and disfunctional. Take the example of "the blacks", most of them were enslaved and just horribly treated and it takes a VERY LONG TIME for that memory to wash out.

Look at our Civil War in the USA, that happened generations ago but people still bear that HURT and resentment. And what did you have to do with that?

Not a Gods blessed thing young one. But it's still something you have to deal with. So hopefully you can understand. And understanding it not condoning, it's not agreeing, it's not sanctioning or authorizing. It's a tool.


Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.