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Thank you for wishing this on me and in return

I will share with you my last one.

yeah, as much emphasis as we put of visions I don't have all that many of them....the 7 Ceremonies are increasingly brutile and I'm like eh, I don't need to rush visions or put myself through spastic levels of self deprivation....

Anyways, Daytona Beach Florida 1986. I had just emmerged from sweatlodge more intense than anything I was prepared for and then I was administered the pipe by none other than Clyde Bellecourt and by then it was this full moon night and we went to the ocean and man,

it happened. I had all these questions in my heart but the big one was WHAT IS THE FUTURE OF HUMMANITY?


I saw eagles. Dozens and hundreds of eagles, these huge white eagles and the more I looked they went stretching out into a line, past he moon, way way out there, all these huge white eagles and each one of them had a Planet Earth in their talons.

I ahared this vision at the appropriate time with the elders and it has been accepted. We think we know what this means.

Your race will destroy this planet and for all life but your future is literally in the stars. You will transcend this planet and our great concern is for your spiritual health but the significance of all thoser planet Earths we saw, well, that means you are to take the ESSENCE of humanity with you.

And we know a few things besides this:

1. You will cease to be human beings on a fundamental levellas WE knew you.

2. You will take some things with you and you will always long for your trees and blue sky and pure water.

3. The farther you go you will long to come back but from here that is going to take a very, very long time as you count it.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.