Comment: Who's judging them as "pseudo" Catholics?

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Who's judging them as "pseudo" Catholics?

If they were raised with typical Catholic indoctrination via Catholic school or required catechism classes and mandatory weekly mass attendance for their entire childhoods and into adulthood, I'd call them... Catholics.

At least by the end of the article, what I think is a more appropriate term was used: "the Catholic Left." That is, surely to the chagrin of the pope/church, not all Catholics think alike. Some are more free thinking. Just as there are Protestants with different political persuasions. Perhaps different views on political matters stem in part from having different spiritual revelations or revelations related to the Word, that is, the Holy Bible.

And I do see a difference between what's in the Bible and what you might hear taught in churches. Which of the two (if either) matches the apparently heretical views of these so-called "pseudo-Catholics?" Or is this not a matter of what's in the Bible but, rather, a disagreement with the opinions of mere mortals?

Regarding Catholics being able to read the Bible for themselves, "Far from championing the spread of the Bible, and the translation into the vernacular, the Catholic Church has a history of repression and censorship in this regard."

I'm glad that more Christians of all stripes are reading the Bible these days. I only came to do so late in life. Better late than never.

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