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Oh yeah so the security side

Our methodology is this seeming contradiction. One the one hand this is classic straight-up police training but on the other hand we put a HUGE empahsis on non-violent conflice resolution. And we have every spectrum of DA, Direct Action we can think of and we gear ourselves to handle each scenation differently. There's Mass Mobilization(MM), there's CD (civil action) thre's NVCD, there's HDA (hostile direct action) there's CNP (civil non compliance), there's all this stuff.

Meanwhile when we do this we're scrupulous and pulling permits and liaising with PD. EMS and FD and DHS (yup, we got a direct line into DHS) and we're working in a very tenuous partnership as us sickazz rabid wild beats go to war but we're looking at them and they are looking at us and if it got a bit too out of hand, one of our non-hostile and non-confrontational Marshals would interecede.....

and that's the reason why our mass actions like End The Fed and R3VOLUTION March never devolved into a bloody mess as happened to the Occupy Wall Street kids. So the world saw smiling people and not cops beating people into a pulp. We work with tthem because WE ARE TEHM. WE ARE COPS AND EMTS AND FIRFIGHTERS AND SOLDIERS so we basically don't view LEO as a natural enemy but a natural ally.

One of the nicest things I have ever heard was getting a thank-you call from Capitol Hill Police who wanted to say that we are teh noly peoplelthat picked up all our own trash and left that lawn looking spic and span and they said "there really is something different about you people"

I have never been more proud to be called you people in my life.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.