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Comment: McCartney has always been a "status-quo", Establishment guy.

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McCartney has always been a "status-quo", Establishment guy.

Like his support for George Bush, the worst President in history, ("I don't think people should call the President stupid", etc.) and the Iraq War (when it was 'popular').

And his public criticism of John Lennon for opposing the Vietnam War ("Too many people preaching politics") in the late '60s, early 70s.

And his recent marriage to right-wing Neocon Republican Nancy Shevell, who funded and supported John McCain ("Bomb Bomb Iran").

McCartney, the "safe Beatle", and 'Mr. Silly Love Song', was never one to rock the boat. As Lennon warned us, McCartney was a square. Lennon was always the real trailblazer, and the intellect of that historic group.