Comment: I was warning people of an attack since 1998

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I was warning people of an attack since 1998

I did not know exactly what they were going to do but I knew who it was and that they were going to do something big; a Reichstag style event.

How did I know? Iran/Contra. The Skull and Bones and neocons were fully exposed by 1989 but I didn't read all the details until 1996-97.

By 1998 I knew the Bush family had already attempted a NAZI coup over America that failed and I gathered all the points necessary to see some kind of plan for a large attack was being prepared for an implementation of a fatherland security type agency (fascists loyalists consolidation with supra authority over existing law enforcement).

Of course examination of details after 9-11 leads back to the same neocon/skull and bones/Carlyle Group crew.

The 36 hour power down event at the World Trade center the weekend before 9-11 with Marvin Bush's and Wirt Walker III's security company Stratasec in charge of that event with the "200 engineers in blue suits all throughout the building" along with Stratasec's security contracts with Dulles Airport and United Airlines gave the Bush/Walker families along with Skull and Bones operatives all the access they needed to pull off the job. Of course the FBI won't investigate this. Is that any surprise given the treasonous nature of the FBI?

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