Comment: So an interesting note is being an old and broken down warrior

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So an interesting note is being an old and broken down warrior

down warrior and you got carple tunnel and torn rotator cuffs and elbows that got mashed in combat and hever quite healed right.

Broadsword works fine. Some of us a life long martial artists (not even trying to tell you I'm a good one) but as broadswordsment know, broadsword is mostly about foot positioning and a huge amount of force at the right time and...well heck even if you never held one before it doesn't take too much intuition to hack the living crap out of somebody.

Put an old guy like me up against a young man with a foil? Forget about it, he'll get me for sure. See I know how to guard and my eyes can still pick him but he's gonna be faster. He'll get me, it's only a matter of time.

The only thing I can say about knife fighting is THANK GOD I HAVE NEVER BEEN IN A KNIFE FIGHT because while we do hand to hand tactics that just sounds so effing ugly I don't want to contemplate. Knives are used to spread butter on toast, that is no way to treat another human. What are we fish to be gutted?


Tomahawk is light but weighted on the top and you can throw it at somebody (which you should almost never do) but even if the blade don't sink it will certainly put a dent in their head.

Maces? Sure. Baseball bat will do. Morning Stars? Effective only against armor. Nunchucks? Fun to play with but almost obtuse in real combat. Machete is a short sword and short swords are awesome in a horrible way.

But let's start with the basics and the basics aren't combat, it's all about NOT getting into combat so we start wtih situational awareness and escape.

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.