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halkf the screen is going dark,,, or shady, cloudy,,,,
but also and worse

when i turn it on,,, i see the LOADING screen for like a second, then goes black,,, and then i see the "STARTING WINDOWS" for a split second and back to black,,,,

so it seems the screen is bad,,,, or whatever makes that work

because if i hit the ON/OFF button for the monitor,,, it will quickly flash on,,, meaning i can see it for like a second and then back to black
and if i were to keep repeatedly pressing that on/off button over and over it will keep flashing where i can see my password screen

so something is not allowing me to see the screen,,, it's on ,just like behind a blank screen

i did a little searching on what it could be,, and all of it seemed expensive,, as in i'd be ahead,with it's age, to buy new

my local, reasonable computer guy said i'd have to go with a certified manufacturer type repair place which equals big bucks
he could be wrong but has always steered me right

although i did read somewhere it mentioned it can be a windows update that screwed it up???? any ideas

i know the cloudy shady half screen they say the bulbs are quite intricate and also expensive

after reading my description do you recommend i still try your steps 1-2-3???