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It is frustrating

We run a nice chunk of money through google in various ways for my clients. We took a test and spend a lot so we are also considered google partners. I even have my analytics certification. We do web marketing for a gun shop locally here in town and google has removed "gun shop" from the categories you can select in "google my business" formerly "google places". We also saw this in Adwords. If we stopped google I would have to close up shop. Serious business and eCommerce relies on google in some way whether it's organic, paid or maps. The others who have tried to dominate this have sucked at doing it. Google is the best for search. That's why it dominates with well over 80% in searches. Now what is a guy to do who would have to fire about 10 people and close my business in order to boycott google. We are all Liberty lovers too. We talk about this a lot inside my company. What do we do?

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