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I have a question. I hope you can take it seriously. It is serious.

When you write:

>'s provable that our government will use any event,...

What exactly does it mean for the "government" to "use" something.

Explanation: It seems to me that only an individual can truly have the intent required to "use" something.

Do you mean that certain individuals have the intent to use an event to embroil the nation in war or that the nation being embroiled in war is the unintended result of other individual actions working together? Those are quite different, and I think it's important to understand *precisely* what is going on, if something is going to be done about it. Or, do you mean something totally different, or do you not know? (I don't mean to provide your answer to the question, but I am genuinely interested to know the answer.)

And again there is the same problem on the other side of your statement---will I, as an individual be "embroiled" in war?---I don't think so. I may be the victim of war in some sense; I may be deceived into taking certain actions which are a part of the war---though that seems unlikely at this point. It seems very unlikely that I will consent to war. In particular, I will not likely fund it. What exactly does it mean for the "nation" to be "embroiled"?