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That's true...

but previous poster is dead on about GW. I believe it's the Franklin Institute or maybe the Smithsonian that keeps GW's correspondences to his "secret spy" network. He corresponded to them in invisible ink! And he warned them of an insidious group that was infiltrating his very own network! He called them the illuminati. And he pin-pointed their location of entry into America. They were coming in through NY.

Also there is a museum in Bavaria, Germany where the Illuminati were officially started; coincidentally (or maybe not) in 1776! The Bavarian govt found out about their meetings and drove them out of Bavaria but failed as they were still operating. THIS IS ALL FACT! ...not fairy tales.

If you don't have time to research it then check out Mark Dice's youtube channel. He covers this extensively and comprehensively and also criticizes celebrities for trying to act like Illuminati.