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Comment: Why Does Ukraine Seem So Much Like Syria?

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Why Does Ukraine Seem So Much Like Syria?

Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity 2-19-2014

Reports of rebel reinforcements arriving, with "bulky backpacks near the scene of the latest protests," are suspiciously reminiscent of the "Internet in a Suitcase" project funded by the US government to provide tools for "activists" in regime-change candidate countries. The US has similarly trained and equipped the Syrian rebels.

US-backed rebels are photographed all over Ukraine with weapons, sometimes photographed shooting at police. In Syria, the US covertly provided the weapons and approved Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and other "friends of Syria" to provide even more. A Russian official has accused the US of arming the Ukrainian opposition.

As in Syria, where US Ambassador Robert Ford adopted the rebels from the beginning of the insurrection, US officials have beat a steady path to the Ukrainian rebels to offer their support and assistance. Senator John McCain has even dined with Svoboda Party president Oleh Tyahnybok, shown here in a rather different pose. US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland was recorded plotting the overthrow and replacement of the Ukrainian government with the US Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt. "

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If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.