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Ben Swann

Briefly, he's made it very clear he still doesn't want assistance from the many people who are willing and able to help him with no strings attached. It's very sad and disappointing.

I'm doing my best to not say a lot more.

As someone who really cared and tried very hard to help him, I think it may be helpful to him to apply the real estate concept of 'location, location, location' to the numerous choices he continues to make regarding the 'Ben Swann' brand and its directions and paths.

Also, he could learn a lot from other people's experiences, successes, and mistakes to save time, energy, money, and opportunities. But, it seems he prefers to experience things for himself on his own.

Thank you and DP for all the time, energy, support, money, and love you have shown him.


I'm still working on legal and financial things to help us all.