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Thank you, MykeTheVet (I too am a vet, by the way. thank you!)

This was much more civil and is a legitimate challenge and is not a straw man or red herring. This was a very good challenge and I will do my best to back up the point for which you are questioning.

So we both agree, which is my main argument and you did not change the subject on your rebuttal. Again, we both agree (whether it was due to my convincing or just because you now understand my point and did not previously) now that you cant be libertarian and IDEOLOGICALLY/PHILOSOPHICALLY support Putin deny that he is a tyrant, by common political philosophies (ie, liberty philosophy... Also, I used caps above to highlight that anybody can root for any body on an emotional "fan" basis, if you will, just like I cant explain ideologically the merits of football, thus I will never debate it seriously, but I cant help what entertains me. So there is an important distinction here.

Ok, to your point, Im really really bad with computers. I am a basic user/browser, but go to "search" and look up the word Putin and Gaddafi and you will see that the majority of the comments are rooting for them, when it should have just stopped at condemning our current Gov's policies. But SPECIFICALLY regarding Putin, you will find the majority of the comments and articles about him to be positive and instead of condemning the US interfering, many many times I saw people go further and actually root and cheer on defeats of the Ukrainian army, when the soldiers arnt political, they are just defending their own country AND DYING and yet people are cheering this? Also, there was an thread (it may have been removed by the mods?) titled "PUTIN THE GREATEST LEADER OF OUR TIME"....

Look, my point was NEVER about saying the majority of the DP community is pro putin. That wasnt my point. My point was that the amount of tolerance and acceptance of such view points seemed very troubling and I thought we needed some philosophical and intellectual confronting and debating of this. Ok, I know you will say "oh but your being divisive" ok, fair enough, but I have two things to say to that: A, DP isnt just a general social community to make friends and discuss politics? No, it does, by the DP site name, its obvious a pre-bias and viewpoint towards libertarianism. Next, can you just imagine what would happen if people started posting pro war hawk and pro federal reserve or pro status quo GOP/Dem threads, they would get run out of town with pitch forks, but supporting foreign aggressors is totally fine, or at least not worth saying anything (which is why it would be logical to make an argument that its anti american sounding)? Before I used to debate truthers and I was nearly run out of town and I was called every ugly word in the book just for being a "truther skeptic" (now, im somewhere in the middle between truther and not)

Hope that clears it up

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