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Just as...

...there are many diverse viewpoints and theories on what a personal reality entails (you seem to have in mind a very narrow subset of this in your descriptions), there are also many diverse viewpoints on what an impersonal reality entails and how it works. But backing out of that focus on particular varieties of views, to look at it more generally --

You hold a faith in an impersonal reality, not knowing with absolute certainty it is the case, but proposing what you think is most likely based on your experiences and observations (I'd be curious to know what those are.)

I hold a faith in a personal reality for the same reason, not knowing with absolute certainty it is the case, but proposing that it is most likely based on my experiences and observations. I have experienced person, mind, love, reason in my life such that I am convinced that these are real things, real free wills, and not mere illusions from deterministic or random chain reactions of non-person. From my observations, I think rather than you or I being like clouds that appear to be ships or animals or faces sometimes but really aren't, we are the real thing, real persons, with real Love as the purpose and calling of our lives.

To me, it is much less likely that these things like person, love, reason, knowing could arise out of pure non-person, non-reason, non-love -- much more straightforward and believable to consider that these things have simply always existed, whether transcendent to or alongside the impersonal.

So both of us, while not absolutely certain through exhaustive knowledge, do hold convictions and some degree of hope that each of our views is correct, based on what we have observed and experienced.

I could go beyond that to explain the specifics of why I particularly believe in a God of Love as revealed in Christ, but will leave that for now.