Comment: Saying you want to militarily

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Saying you want to militarily

Saying you want to militarily confront isis without acknowledging how they came to be is pretty typical of a politician. Is Rand projecting his true intentions or simply 'playing the game'? isis has been funded by our meddling in the middle east. We send arms to rebels in Libya and Syria who are hard-line Islamists indistinguishable from isis. Furthermore we are allies with gulf nations like Saudi Arabia and Qatar which provide financial support to isis. Turkey is a NATO partner and another strong supporter of isis. To say you want to militarily intervene and deal isis is very shortsighted. Rand didn't care about isis and similar groups when they were getting US $$ and weapons to fight Gaddafi and Assad. He didn't care when they were suicide bombing Iraq last summer killing +250 people a month. As soon as isis kill some american/israeli 'journalists', now all of a sudden isis is the enemy at the gates. Rand nothing but a demagogue politician appealing to the lowest common denominator (neocons, war patriots etc)