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Oh yes..

and I see that you are just another ignorant person who pretends to know all there is to know, about a faith that you despise. Typical.

Please explain how I am picking and choosing. Tell me how I can't possibly be a "Christian" or have faith, if I'm not out trying to evangelize the world. I'd sure like to hear it. People like yourself, who hate the mere thought of faith, put more rules and stipulations on being a "Christian" than anyone does. Fortunately for the rest of us you are just clueless little pains in the ass.

I will never understand why you people spend so much time worrying about the personal faith of another human being. You would think that would be left to the "Bible thumpers" that your kind always brings up, but no, it's more often than not, the militant anti theist that just can't stand people having faith. As if its any of your business or concern. Just can't stand true freedom can you.